Student Guide to Uploading Documents on Symplicity

Instructions about Documents

All students must upload the following:

1. Resume

2. An unofficial grade report - created using the template provided.

Some employers will also request cover letters, which you will have to create individually for each employer. Pay very close attention to each employer's required documents!

When your documents are ready, you should convert them into a .pdf format before uploading them to the system.

Due to file size requirement, DO NOT upload a scanned version your transcript. Use the template provided above to create your unofficial grade report. You are responsible for reporting your grades and overall GPA correctly, and in accordance with your school's reporting policies. Improperly reported GPAs and grades may lead to dismissal from the job fair process. 

Grade Report Template (dot)


To upload a resume to Symplicity


Login to Symplicity



Finished converting


Unofficial Transcripts


Cover Letters


An important note about uploading documents:


You will only be able to upload 15 documents at a time into your account. You will have the opportunity to submit for up to 20 employers, and each may require a cover letter. You should upload the documents you need, submit to the employers, and then delete the cover letters from your documents section to make room for more uploads. Don’t worry, the deleted documents will still be available for the employers.

Contact information for each employer that has requested a cover letter will be made available for your through the submission process; address your cover letters accordingly. Also, follow through with your due diligence and research the firms in which you are interested.
Once your documents are loaded you can see your list of documents similar to the one below.