A Guide to Creating and Viewing Resume Packets

Step 1


Log into SEMJF Symplicity

Login to Symplicity

Step 2


 Click "View SEMJF Applicants" in the shortcuts section. 

Step 3


You will be taken to the "Applicants" tab, and you will see students who submitted materials for the SEMJF program.

Step 4


In the "Documents" column, students will have an "R" icon, which stands for "resume." If any other documents have been submitted, icons will show up for them: "C" for cover letter, and "T" for an unofficial grade report (transcript). You may click on any one of these icons to view the documents individually.

Step 5


If you are hiring for multiple locations, students were given the opportunity to indicate the offices in which they are most interested. If students entered this information you will find it in the "Students Preferred Location(s)" column.

Step 6


To print out all resumes (and other documents if applicable), click the "+" button [1], which will select all of the student records (a check march will show up in each student's row.) Then, click "Generate Resume/Applicant Packet." [2] 

Step 7


Enter a name for the file [1]. Then select the other document that you'd like to print [2] (Note: you will only be able to download those documents that you requested during your registration.) Symplicity automatically limits the number of pages in each packet to 100. You may make this a larger number [3] to keep everything in one file; however, keep in mind that larger packets take longer to generate. When ready, click "Submit Request." [4]

Step 8


You will receive an email when the packet is ready for you to view. You may log out at this point and log back in as soon as you have received that email.

Step 9


Once you have received the email stating that your resume packet is ready to be viewed, log back into the system and click on the "Schedule Requests, Applications, and Final Schedules" tab [1] at the top of the screen, and then click on the "Resume/Schedule Packets" tab [2].

Step 10


Right click on the .pdf icon in the "View/Download" column [1] and save the file to your computer. There may be multiple documents, depending on the number of applicants. Each document will hold a maximum of 100 pages, unless you increased this size when generating your packet.