Employer Guide to Interviews & Alternate Selections

Step 1


Log into SEMJF Symplicity

Login to Symplicity

Step 2


 Click "View SEMJF Applicants" in the shortcuts section. 

Step 3


Review interview selection information. A box on the right will display how many "Preselect" and "Alternate" selections you may make for SEMJF [1]. To view more students per page - select a higher number from the drop down menu [2]. 

Step 4


To enter your preselect students, select the check box next to their names [1], you may also enter the name of each student you would like to select in the "Keywords" box and click "Search." Once you have checked the box next to the names of your selections, select "preselect" from the drop down menu [2]. Your preselects are now entered in the system. 

Step 5


To enter your alternate selections, select the check box next to each of the student's names [1] and select alternate from the drop down menu [2].

Step 6


If you select a student as an alternate, you will be taken to a screen where you should rant the alternates [1]. You will use "1" for your first choice, "2" for your second choice, etc. Then you will click "Submit" [2].


Step 7


After ranking your alternate selection, the student’s record will show up with his/her invitation status marked as “alternate” with their alternate rank in parentheses [1]. You will also note that the “Invited Students” box will note the number of students that you have selected versus the number of students that you are allowed to select. Once you’ve selected your maximum number of interview candidates, you will only be able to mark further students as alternates. Again, the web site does all of this in real time, so once you’ve made your selections, you can close your web browser, and you’ll be finished (no additional submit button necessary)!