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Log into the SEMJF Symplicity Site


Select the SEMJF Submission/Interviews Tab


Then scroll down to see your invitations next to the employers to which you submitted bids.

Important note on Accepting/Declining interview or alternate invitations:

You must either accept or decline the interviews and/or alternates for which you have been selected. If you do not accept them, it will be considered a cancellation; the system will not           assign you an interview time, and an alternate will be assigned the slot. If you do not want your   interview or alternate slot, please be sure to decline in the system!

If  you receive more than 10 invitations: You may only accept 10 total (interviews and pre-selects combined) invitations! Determine which interviews and alternates you are interested in (up to 10), and decline all other invitations. 

Preselected to Interview


Selected as an Alternate


 Note about being selected as an Alternate:

If you receive an alternate invitation, it means that the employer would like to see you should there be cancellations on their schedule. If you accept an alternate position, it is the same as     accepting an eventual interview. If a cancellation occurs, and you have accepted the alternate slot, you may be moved into the time slot of the cancelling student. If you are given a time slot, you must attend the interview. 

Not Invited


Once you have made your selections you will see them in the "invitations" column.